• Track 1:  Starting Fresh—Career Planning Workshop

    Are you new to the broker channel? Have you passed your RIBO level 1 exam and are asking yourself – now what? This session will cover the types of career options that are available in the broker industry, discuss options available help them formulate what path they may want to take, and realize what steps are needed to get to that point. Attendees will leave with actionable career and growth plans with mapped out timelines that can be implemented in their daily work life.


    Brett Boadway

    Chief Operating Officer, IBAO

  • Track 2: Growth Summit—Sales Workshop

    The Growth Summit is for sales stars in the making. This hands-on workshop help you build a sales strategy customized for the industry.  You will learn about the classic broker sales funnel and discuss fundamental tools needed to be good at customer interaction and sales. Our professional sales coach will walk you through a typical sales journey from a consumer standpoint and teach you how to optimize close ratios and customer experience. Attendees will leave with a defined sales plan that will be relevant to future client interactions.


    Stanislav Kojokin

    KASE Insurance

  • Track 3: Strategic Planning Workshop

    Where current and future young decision makers gather. All thriving businesses operate under a thoughtful strategic plan which underpins financial, human resources and operational execution.  But what is a strategic plan and how would a company build one? Join professional strategic planners from TNG group who will walk you through the process. As they talk, think about your own business and how you might formulate a strategic plan for your own brokerage. Attendees will walk away with a high-level strategic plan that could be used as a template in their own brokerage.


    Darlene Hyde

    TNG Leaders