• What is an MGA and How Do I Use Them?

    A managing general agent (MGA) or a managing general underwriter (MGU) is a specialized type of insurance agent or broker that has been granted underwriting authority by an insurer and can administer programs and negotiate contracts for an insurer.  In this session, you will learn more about what MGA’s exist, the role they play in insurance, and how you can best work with MGA’s as a working broker today.


    Mary-Kate Townsend

    representing CMGA Association

    Greg Kruk

    Partner, Sentinel Risk Insurance Group

  • Delivering Difficult Messages

    Delivering bad news is tough. It’s even harder when you don’t agree with the message or decision you’re communicating. Maybe you must tell your client that the insurer turned down her request for renewal or you must let another client know about a significant rate increase. Should you toe the line and act like you agree with the decision or new policy? Or should you break ranks and explain how upset you are too? Hear from experts on how to best deliver difficult messages as an insurance broker.



    Warren Weeks

    Business Coach, Podcast Host, Entrepreneur, Weeks Media

    Shara Bierman

    Donovan Insurance Brokers

  • Let’s Talk Business Interruption Insurance

    Business interruption insurance is a vital component of any business continuity plan and requires concentrated attention because it cannot be altered after a disaster occurs.  Many aspects of BI replicate business continuity planning, especially the business impact analysis aspects of it and requires an understanding from the insurance professional from different aspects.

    Using case studies, learners will get hands on practice determining coverage levels and claims settlements that fall under the category of business interruption insurance.

  • Get Noticed at Work. Be Proactive

    You may find yourself reacting to situations at work more than being proactive, noting that you don’t have the time to get in front of issues. Being proactive may not eliminate all issues, but it can help you resolve issues more effectively and efficiently and, in turn, better manage your career and growth opportunities at work. Be intentional. Our speakers will outline common ways that you can be proactive as a broker.